The University of Guam College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS) Annual Research Conference is a multidisciplinary research conference platform for local, regional, and global scholars, scientists, visual and theatrical artists, and students to share their research and experiences.  The committee accepts a range of proposals that include presentations of academic papers, illustrated talks, interactive panels and demonstrations, engaging performances and informative poster sessions. The objective of the Annual Research Conference is to provide a forum for intellectual engagement and discussions on issues related and unique to Oceania, a global resource endowed with significant ecological and cultural diversity.


The 41st CLASS Annual Research Conference, themed "Building Strength & Sovereignty in the Pacific" will convene on Friday, March 6, 2020 in the Humanities and Social Sciences building on the University of Guam.


The theme of the 41st Annual Research Conference is meant to generate insightful conversations and novel ideas that evaluate, redefine, and promote the collaborative projects in diverse fields in Pacific region. Practitioners and scholars are encouraged to interrogate how those issues manifest in the Pacific, as well as examine the changing role of Oceania as it grapples with the social forces of globalization.

Talks and presentations for this year's conference include multidisciplinary collaborations and innovations across a broad range of topics:

  • Social Interactions and Mindfulness

  • Discoveries and Rediscoveries

  • Humanities

  • Community

  • Materials of Creativity

  • Indigenous Identity in Art & Science

  • Language Endangerment and Revitalization

  • Education

  • Gender and Women’s Empowerment


The schedule of talks is now posted!